7 Things Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Should Do For You

You may know nothing about bankruptcy but have a major case to develop. You could have filled out the paperwork and need professionals like Simon Stella & Zingas PC to review it. There are 7 duties that a Michigan bankruptcy attorney is qualified to handle for you.

1. Know the Latest on Bankruptcy Law

A Michigan bankruptcy lawyer knows the law at the state and federal level and remains informed about the latest changes to current law and regulations. He or she acquires the knowledge and education that are not required of clients.

2. Handle the Paperwork

A bankruptcy case includes many documents that must be filled out, signed and filed. Missing one document could result in a dismissal of your case or a denial of discharge. A lawyer knows which documents to fill out and handles the filing for you.

3. Outline Your Options

There are different ways to settle debt and avoid going to court. A lawyer tells you all of your bankruptcy options. You will be well informed about the six bankruptcy chapters of the Bankruptcy Code, including Chapter 7, 11 and 13.

4. Sort Out Assets and Liabilities

Common terms like “assets” and “liabilities” are well known by your attorney. This professional knows about common legal and accounting terms. Learn how to manage your assets and liabilities to build a better case.

5. Keep Track of Time

A legal professional always keeps track of time. Meeting the deadlines is the hardest part of filing. You have to collect the evidence, complete the documents and submit the filings on time.

6. Remain Ethical

A good lawyer is honest and accurate at all times to avoid bankruptcy fraud. Ask for this professional to check your paperwork. An error could make a document appear fraudulent either intentionally or unintentionally.

7. Make an Appeal

Rely on a lawyer to appeal a case that’s been denied. You may be denied for a simple error in your documents and find the decision to be unjust. Your lawyer will notice any injustice and push for another decision.

Filing for bankruptcy is not done overnight and is less successful without the help of legal professionals. Simon Stella & Zingas PC work hard to explain the law to their clients and help them to file on time. Go through the process efficiently and increase your chances of recovering from debt.