Trying to Avoid Probate? Here’s How To!


How to Avoid Probate

When a loved one passes, the last things you want to worry about are the financial and legal matters that must be taken care of right away, which are often referred to as probate. The death of a loved is a very emotional time, but you do not want that emotion driving such imperative matters. That is why you want to enlist the service of Michigan probate attorneys that have a proven track record of doing what is best by the deceased and their families during this difficult time. Simon Stella & Zingas PC has had countless clients rely on them; we take pride in not letting them down.

Why do you need a probate lawyer?


Authenticating a Will


A court must confirm that the will to be administered is indeed the most recent will of the deceased.  To facilitate that administration, you will need a firm who is experienced in such matters to appear in court.

There is no Will

When there is no will in place when someone has died, the services of a trusted probate lawyer in Michigan are necessary to ensure that the actual intentions of the deceased are carried out in practice.

The Will is Outdated

For obvious reasons, many dread writing out a will. In some cases, this leads to the situation described in the previous example of there being no will at all. However, many other people get complacent when having written one, not realizing that a will is something that needs to be updated regularly. Not following through with such updates has resulted in disastrous situations, such as divorcees of the deceased still being listed as sole benefactors. Only the most skilled Michigan probate attorneys can rectify such conundrums.

Administering the Will

Many falsely assume that if the will has been written, administering it will be easy. However, when estates and inheritances are involved, there are often multiple “interpretations” of the wording of a will over who gets what. We make sure that the intentions of the deceased speak the loudest.


Why Simon Stella & Zingas PC is right for you?

Probate laws differ from state to state. We have been serving the Michigan community for decades and have many years of experience guiding our clients through the specific probate laws within this fine state. Despite our experience, we make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in probate procedure to best serve our clients.